Water Based Polyurethane for Industrial Coatings

Water Based Polyurethane Resins For Industrial Coatings

Five of our water based polyurethane resins have become true workhorses when it comes to industrial coating applications. UD-220, UD-250, UD-263, UD-211, and UD-270 provide a wide range of application specific performance characteristics for substrates of every kind.

Water Based Polyurethane Resins For Industrial Coatings

Please see our NMP-free waterborne polyurethanes page for alternative products that contain no NMP co-solvent

The Advantages of Waterborne Polyurethane Resins for Industrial Coating

By varying the ratio between the higher performing water based polyurethane resin and an economical acrylic emulsion, we’re capable of providing the appropriate cost/performance balance for your specific application.


  • Highly compatible with a wide range of acrylic emulsions commonly used in water based industrial coatings.
  • All five products are aliphatic polyester water based polyurethane resins.
  • All contain NMP co-solvent.

View our Product Properties Table for specific product properties.

The Advantages of Waterborne Polyurethane Resins

Our line of Industrial Coating Resins
A fine balance between hardness and flexibility for the ideal coating or adhesive for your Industrial application

The primary difference between these water based polyurethane resins is the balance of hardness vs. flexibility. The UD-220 and UD-250 are harder and more suited for substrates such as wood and rigid plastics whereas the UD-211 and UD-270 are more suited for flexible substrates such as flexible plastic film.

The UD-263 in particular is an excellent compromise between hardness, abrasion resistance, and flexibility making an excellent choice for flexible topcoat applications for substrates such as leather, bonded leather, and PVC.

These products are uncompounded water based polyurethane resins which may be suitable for some applications as supplied. However, they may require the addition of additives such as wetting agents, defoamers, thickeners, and or other additives to optimize them for your specific application. We would be happy to work with you to help customize these water based polyurethane resins for your requirements.

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