Bondthane™ Self-Crosslinking Waterborne Polyurethanes

Three new additions to the Bondthane™ product line that have self-crosslinking properties engineered right into the polymer, providing exceptional performance and resistance properties.

The Benefits Of Environmentally Friendly, Self-Crosslinking Polymers

A better alternative for greater resistance and hard to work with substrates.

Self-crosslinking improves water and chemical resistance properties as well as improved adhesion to some difficult substrates when compared to conventional uncrosslinked waterborne polyurethanes.

The crosslinking properties of our Bondthane series of products occurs at ambient temperature and may take up to five days to reach optimum properties.

Bondthane™ UD-610

Soft self-crosslinking aliphatic polyurethane dispersion. Excellent choice for textile, non-woven or flexible substrate where soft films are desirable.

Bondthane™ UD-615

This self-crosslinking aliphatic polyurethane dispersion forms a film of medium hardness and modulus values. Ideal for flexible substrate coatings.

Bondthane™ UD-620

This relatively hard self-crosslinking polyurethane is ideally suited for hard, clear or pigmented coatings for rigid plastics, wood, glass or ceramic tile.

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