Soft Feel Polyurethane

Waterborne Soft Feel Polyurethane Dispersion
A Unique Coating for a Rubber-like Texture and a Flat Matte Finish

Bondthane™ UD-375 is a high solids aliphatic waterborne soft feel polyurethane. This polymer forms a film that has a unique "soft feel" similar to the feel of rubber. The film also has a naturally dull luster without the addition of conventional flatting agents. In addition to its unique "feel" and dull appearance, the film has exceptional elongation and elastic properties approaching the properties of natural latex.

Soft Feel Polyurethane Coating Applications

The unique properties of this soft feel polyurethane make potential applications nearly limitless including any specialty coating that can benefit from the special "feel", low gloss, or elastic properties of this polymer. The blend of properties certainly make UD-375 an ideal candidate for glove, flexible substrate, and paper soft feel coating applications as well as transfer films.

Key Features of our Soft Feel Polyurethane:

  • Unique Soft-Feel
  • Naturally Dull Luster
  • High solids 60%
  • High elongation 900%+
  • Excellent elastic memory
  • Extremely Flexible
  • Co-solvent Free
The Advantages of Waterborne Polyurethane Resins

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