NMP Free Waterborne Polyurethane Dispersions

What is NMP?

N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone (NMP) is the most common co-solvent used in the manufacture of waterborne polyurethane dispersions. The unique properties of NMP aid in both the processing of the polyurethane dispersions as well as the film formation of the applied polyurethane coating. In addition, the NMP can help with substrate wetting, freeze/thaw stability, and adhesion to some substrates.

When Applications Require NMP Free Polyurethanes – BPI Can Help

In some applications due to substrate sensitivity to NMP or regulatory constraints, customers may prefer waterborne polyurethanes without this common co-solvent. In response, Bond Polymers International has developed NMP Free waterborne polyurethanes which still contain a co-solvent necessary for proper film formation but utilize an alternate solvent in place of the NMP. The alternate co-solvent also aids in film formation similar to the NMP and has the advantage of being a faster evaporator than NMP resulting in generally faster dry times.

These products are uncompounded waterborne polyurethane resins which may be suitable for some applications as supplied. However, they may require the addition of additives such as wetting agents, defoamers, thickeners, and or other additives to optimize them for your specific application.

As always, we are happy to work with you to help customize these polyurethanes for your requirements.

Bondthane™ UD-255 NMP Free Waterborne Polyurethane

This very hard NMP free waterborne polyurethane dispersion is suitable for applications such as wood, rigid plastics, and metal coatings where hardness and abrasion resistance are the primary requirements and flexibility is less important.

Bondthane™ UD-215 NMP Free Waterborne Polyurethane

This medium hard NMP-free polyurethane is the perfect compromise between hardness and flexibility. It can be used in leather and PVC topcoat applications as well as ink and OPV formulations.

Bondthane™ UD-275 NMP Free Waterborne Polyurethane

This medium soft NMP free waterborne polyurethane dispersion is suitable for many flexible substrate coating applications. UD-275 can be used on flexible plastics, PVC, leather, bonded leather, and other flexible films.

Bondthane™ UD-315 NMP Free Waterborne Polyurethane

This very soft NMP-free polyurethane has excellent adhesion to many substrates and can be used for textile, primer, and heat seal adhesive applications.

Keep in mind that all of our solvent free polyurethanes are also NMP-free.

Have questions about NMP-free polyurethanes? We’ve developed a number of NMP-free alternatives for applications like yours.